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Building Models Has Never Been So Easy

Smarter Investing with Artificial Intelligence

AI and machine learning have been widely used by Google, Microsoft, and Facebook etc. We believe applying the same technologies to equity investing could improve your ability to generate alpha, evaluate companies, and find stock ideas. Now we create Kavout.AI, the platform to empower you to become a smarter investor.

Smarter Investing
Build Models

Build Models with a Few Clicks

With Kavout's repository of factors, you do not need to reinvent the wheels to craft every single factor, and could focus on finding alpha. Kavout.AI provides cleaned and standardized data and simplified modeling process, so investors of all levels could gain access to multi-factor models without spend hundreds of hours to learn programming and data cleaning.

Rank and Pick Stock Ideas with RoboAnalyst

There are around 8,000 stocks in US market, and millions of financial reports and data to consider. To find the right stock is a daunting task. RoboAnalyst is your private investing assistant to help you make smarter decisions, and does all the number crunching for you on a wide spectrum of analytics, including SEC filling, valuation, growth potential, quality, and momentum.


Discover Tradable Patterns Earlier with RoboChartist

It takes years of training for a technical chartist to read stock charts for useful ideas. Now we build the RoboChartist, an algorithmic recognizer, which can "see" like a chartist. RoboChartist is 100% objective and disciplined, and it can scan through thousands of charts in a glimpse to identify trade opportunities emerged in the market for you.

Chart Patterns
Candle Sticks
Technical Indicators